Thursday, July 24, 2008

LAN Messenger

Today I was searching for a LAN messaging client on my Ubuntu box, so after a bit of googling I turned to Pidgin. I searched if it was possible to configure Pidgin as a LAN Messenger and out of my surprise it was simpler than I ever thought of. Here's how:

1> Open Pidgin

2> Then Navigate to Accounts > Manage > Add

3> Select Bonjour

4> Fill the other details as per your choice.

5> Do the same setting in other nodes and enjoying offline chat

Pidgin is a Crossplatform Mutliprotocol Instant Messaging client, so it doesn't matters if you are in Windows or Linux. The only thing that may matter is it comes preloaded in most of the present Linux Distros where as you have to install it in Windows.


ranjan said...
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ranjan said...

I am wondering with one thing does it supports text based service or it supports voice and video too on LAN ... any idea ...