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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Microsoft IDC Academic Intern program questions

Microsoft with a team of 7 people came to our college for recruiting candidates for both Internship Program and Full-Time Employee(FTE) on 4th January, 2010. Good news, I am now somehow associated with the 9 lettered company 'Micro$oft' (Internship).
Lets get to the selection procedure. Selection consisted of 5 rounds (1 written and 4 interviews)

Written Round (1 hr):

  1. Recursion question. You need to find the output (question was very lengthy)

  2. Given an integer array, find the lowest n integers

  3. Find successor and predecessor of a node in BST

  4. There is a live streaming file, a program displays the last n lines of the file, you need to find the test cases for the program

  5. Port a drawing and paint tool in Mobile phones

Interview Round:

  1. Reverse an integer array, without using additional array

  2. Given 2 linked list having integer values (0-9) in each node, you need to add the linked list assuming each linked list represent a number

  3. Given an integer array with both +ve and -ve numbers, you need to find the highest sum of the sub array in O(n) time

  4. Given a function which finds a given sub sting from a given mother string, give the Test Cases

  5. Given a string with more than 1 space between words, compact the spaces without using additional array and in O(n) time. Example:
    Given: foo    bar  hello   world
    Output: foo bar hello world

  6. Given a character matrix with random letter in each cell. Give a algo for finding if 'microsoft' is present in the matrix, there is no order in which the string exists, only given is each consecutive letter in present in the neighbouring cell of the previous letter.

  7. Given an integer matrix mxn with random integers in each cell, print the matrix in spiral order

  8. Given a string, you need to reverse each word in that string in O(n) time and without using additional string. Example:
    Given: Hello World
    Output: olleH dlroW

  9. A game program was given, I won't be able to explain it here, but the task was to automate the moves of a player

In all it was less of interview and more of a conservation but fully technical. And the most important thing was there was always one interviewer for each candidate in each session.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Buzz Me..

This is just a dummy post to show you that I am not dead. Its been really long since I threw any update. I had quite a lot to rant but time and reluctance prevented me. In between :

  • I was up to a self hosted Wordpress blog which I installed on maah gnutop. But then skipped the thought for no reason.

  • Was the founding member and designer of our college's first full-fledged newsletter 'The Eminence' and it made me so proud.

  • Built maah first Forum Application: Graph - Gaping Random Access Portal Host, totally from scratch.
    Member Credits
    • Rachit Gupta : For giving Graph its Name and Interface Design
    • Puneet Garg : For his work on Macromedia Flash and the Graph Banner

    Application Credits
    • Linux (Fedora) : Base operating system
    • Apache : Web Server
    • MySQL : DBMS Software
    • PHP : For SQL connectivity, front end and server side scripting
    • CSS : For interface upliftment
    • Javascript : For buttons

  • Bid farewell to our Final Years (Bangla Meet 2009)

  • blah.. blah.. blah..

  • Ended up sophomoric stage of maah life

Hope to continue maah updates, and bring back the glory of Bright Edges..

P.S. : I missed the Indibloggers' Bhopal Meet, am really very sorry for that.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Rip Youtube the CLI way

There are many applications for extracting and downloading videos from youtube and other video hosts like web-based KeepVid or addons like VideoDownloader, and many others. There's also a very good technique of saving any streaming video by buffering it till 100%, navigate to the Cache folder and simply copy the video file (which is /tmp in case of linux).

But recently I got a python based CLI tool youtube-dl, which is a nifty yet a powerful must have tool. You can get it from your default repositories or for youtube-dl under Windows XP. Get it :

$ sudo yum install youtube-dl

  • Simply download :
    $ youtube-dl

  • Specify filename

    Manually specify :
    $ youtube-dl -o output.flv
    Use the original video title :
    $ youtube-dl -t
    Have a literal title :
    $ youtube-dl -l

  • Download videos which requires your youtube account privileges and confirmation :
    $ youtube-dl -u username -p password

    Or read account details from .netrc file :
    $ youtube-dl -n
    Append this line to ~/.netrc file :
    machine youtube login username password password

  • Simply print video URL instead of downloading :
    $ youtube-dl -g
    Or grab the Title :
    $ youtube-dl -2

  • Download in silent mode (like wget) :
    $ youtube-dl -q &

  • Get Help :
    $ youtube-dl -h

Know more at the Official Page.