Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ubuntu getting slow....

The day I installed Ubuntu and the day after few upgrades.. I noticed drastic decrease in speed. I thought the problem was with my user, so I deleted the configuration files within my ~/ folder many times but never got a preferred result. Nautilus took 10-20 sec to just open, furthermore my gnutop went indiscoverable in my Hostel's LAN Server and I was receiving error messages after login. The symptom which took me towards the solution to this problem was, I got this message everytime I used sudo :
sudo: unable to resolve host HOSTNAME
After a bit of googling I found that it was already reported : Bug #195308.

Here is the solution (if it ever happens to you):
  • Open Terminal
  • Edit your /etc/hosts file
    sudo vim /etc/hosts

  • There replace : hostname.domainname
    with hostname

    Example in my case:
    Hostname : gnutop
    Domainname: workgroup

  • Save and Exit

This worked for me as a charm and thought of removing Ubuntu remained a thought.. now Ubuntu is as fast as ever.

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