Saturday, September 20, 2008

(wget = DM) != GUI

Wget the default download manager in *nix systems is a very versatile tool. I will be focusing on some of its very important features useful to a end user. So here we begin :

  1. Simply downloading a file :
    $ wget <URL>
    Or better :
    $ wget -c <URL>
    -c or --continue lets you resume your incomplete download done using wget or a different program

  2. Downloading a file silently (a very imp. feature in wget, to work in background) :
    $ wget -q <URL> &
  3. Taking a log of all messages :
    $ wget <URL> -o filename
  4. Downloading files from a Queue :
    $ wget -i filename
    Strore all download links in a file separated by Return key and link it with wget
  5. Set your no. of retries and timeout seconds :
    $ wget -t <no. to tries> -T <duration> <URL>
  6. Displaying the content of a file rather than saving it on Hard Disk :
    $ wget -O - <URL>
  7. Retrieving all file with a particular extension from a web directory :
    $ wget -r -l1 -np -A.<extension> <directory>
    Example for*.jpg
    $ wget -r -l1 -np -A.jpg
  8. Downloading an entire Web Site :
    $ wget -c -r -nc -p -D <domain> -k <URL>
    For this I have written a script for easy downloading :

    # Bash Script for Web Site downloading by GNUger
    # Syntax : $ sitesdwn [URL]

    command="wget -c -r -p -k"
    domain=$(echo $1 | cut -d/ -f3 | cut --complement -d. -f1)

    read -p "Download within $domain only (y/n) : " opinion
    if [[ $opinion == 'y' ]] ; then
    command="$command -D $domain"
    read -p "Disable overwriting existing files (y/n) : " opinion
    if [[ $opinion == 'y' ]] ; then
    command="$command -nc"
    read -p "Download outside the current directory (y/n) : " opinion
    if [[ $opinion == 'n' ]] ; then
    command="$command -np"
    read -p "Save as HTML extension (y/n) : " opinion
    if [[ $opinion == 'y' ]] ; then
    command="$command -E"
    read -p "Enable compatibility with Windows (y/n) : " opinion
    if [[ $opinion == 'y' ]] ; then
    command="$command --restrict-file-names=windows"
    echo "Downloading ... "
    $command $1
    echo "End"
    exit 1
    Or download the script from here. Syntax :
    ./ <URL>

This is not it.. there's hell lot more but beyond the scope of this post. So just read the Manuals (worth reading specially the Examples part). There are GUI version for wget :
  • GWget - For Gnome
  • Kget - For KDE
But they does not provide you so many options and manual customizations as wget (CLI) does.

References : man pages of wget, Linux Journal


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Orkut said...

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GNUger said...

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Viktor Lofgren said...

Wget is indeed one seriously awesome program.