Tuesday, September 16, 2008

DC++ and Linux

Particularly in colleges where media sharing is very popular among students (like in ours) DC++ can be used to inter-connect different hostels and enable fast file-sharing. DC++ is a free and open-source, peer-to-peer file-sharing client that can be used to connect to the Direct Connect network. It has private messaging features or one can globally chat in a Hub Room. It also indexes files, so you just search for a file with specified characteristics. Many more handy features more you try to explore more you know. But alas! this program is not for Linux and designed specially for Windows. But should we worry... naah! We have LinuxDC++, whose interface is rewritten in GTK+ toolkit but the core code is that of DC++ and it works/behave exactly in the same manner.

Some very initial steps you should follow to trigger your DC++ engine :

  1. Open LinuxDC++
  2. Navigate to File > Preferences > Personal. There fill the form ( 'Nick' field is compulsory )
  3. Navigate to File > Preferences > Sharing. There add the folders you want to share.
    NOTE: In DC++ each hub has its minimum sharing limit below which a user cannot join it, so create your share accordingly
  4. Navigate to File > Quick Connect and enter the hub's IP address.

One minus point I would like to share is we cannot preview a file, its like download and use. But it hardly matters when you are in a local hub and have ample disk space. Happy Sharing!!

ADDED (18th Oct 2008) :

Digit Magazine, Oct 2008


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