Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Buzz Me..

This is just a dummy post to show you that I am not dead. Its been really long since I threw any update. I had quite a lot to rant but time and reluctance prevented me. In between :

  • I was up to a self hosted Wordpress blog which I installed on maah gnutop. But then skipped the thought for no reason.

  • Was the founding member and designer of our college's first full-fledged newsletter 'The Eminence' and it made me so proud.

  • Built maah first Forum Application: Graph - Gaping Random Access Portal Host, totally from scratch.
    Member Credits
    • Rachit Gupta : For giving Graph its Name and Interface Design
    • Puneet Garg : For his work on Macromedia Flash and the Graph Banner

    Application Credits
    • Linux (Fedora) : Base operating system
    • Apache : Web Server
    • MySQL : DBMS Software
    • PHP : For SQL connectivity, front end and server side scripting
    • CSS : For interface upliftment
    • Javascript : For buttons

  • Bid farewell to our Final Years (Bangla Meet 2009)

  • blah.. blah.. blah..

  • Ended up sophomoric stage of maah life

Hope to continue maah updates, and bring back the glory of Bright Edges..

P.S. : I missed the Indibloggers' Bhopal Meet, am really very sorry for that.


Manoj . M, Incl said...

Hey, Nice work.
heard abt it :)
nd btw, indiblogger's meet ?
when was that gonna happen ?

GNUger said...

Thanks, for Indiblogger Meet check this page: Bhopal blogger meet

Animesh Ray said...

Blogging is really such a nice thing... but we get really lazy sometimes.

It's been good reading all this...keep posting mate.

amITsingh said...

strat again....the first post is always tyhe most difficult

once u get into groove u wont feel like giving up

Anonymous said...

hey Anant!

ausm blog dude..
adding your blog in graVity's (http://sarkar4u.wordpress.com/) blogroll..