Saturday, October 25, 2008

Custom Search Tool in Firefox

There are search engines which you visit/use frequently and are not listed in Firefox plugin page, so what you will do? Create your own simple :

I will making a Google Linux search tool :
  • Open any text editor and paste this code :
    name="Google Linux"
    <input name="q" user>

  • You can add more parameters other than query like "Search within a domain".
    <input name="sitesearch" value="">
    <input name="q" user>
    Just carefully observe the URL after you hit a search for the parameter name/value and keep adding for a filtered search.

  • Save the file as filename.src (I am using glinux.src) to ~/.mozilla/firefox/<profile>/searchplugins/

    TIP : To display icon next to your search engine create a 16X16 PNG or GIF image and save it in the same folder as glinux.src and name it glinux.png or glinux.gif as per your file format

  • Restart Firefox, your source will be compiled and converted into a .XML file automatically and what next! use your engine

Also check : Mycroft Project

Attached few of my favorites : search.tar.gz


Maitreya said...

Very good. I liked it.

seshu said...



Anonymous said...

Really nice

hELLraIser..(iNcOgniTiOn) said...

gr8 stuff! digit shud make u their editor haan!

GNUger said...

Thanks everyone for their commento ..

and eN you are really good at flattering stuffs..

hELLraIser..(iNcOgniTiOn) said...


hELLraIser..(iNcOgniTiOn) said...

oye mplayer mein can u do live streaming??

GNUger said...

Perhaps yes, because when you play a media file using mplayer-firefox-plugin it actually performs the streaming thing.. So it must be true for the main application too.. You may try this:

$ mplayer http://path/to/video/video.avi

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