Saturday, June 28, 2008

File transfer to/from Mobile Phone

With new distros its very simple to do file transfer using bluetooth. Just a matter of few clicks :
  1. Insert your Bluetooth Dongle, and a bluetooth icon will appear in the notification area, otherwise start your bluetooth service by executing : bluetooth-applet

  2. Right click on that icon and Browse Device > Select your Mobile > Connect

  3. If your device is not paired up, it will pop up pairing up menu on your phone and then on your PC. Then it will mount your phone's directory on your computer which you can browse using a Nautilus.

Else there is a geekier way too using CLI based obexftp :
  1. Discover your mobile's MAC address and its channel for Object Push
    $ obexftp -b

  2. Browse your phone's directory
    obexftp -b mac address -B channel -l
    You can also change the current directory to browse its content
    $ obexftp -b mac address -B channel -c directory -l
    NOTE: Replace mac address, channel & directory with your own value

  3. Now upload file :
    $ obexftp -b mac add -B channel -c phone directory -p file
    And retrieve file :
    $ obexftp -b mac add -B channel -c phone directory -g file

For more on Bluetooth check this page

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